Our Equipment

We use only state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality and reliability for your special event.  We also always have back-up equipment with us, so that you have the peace of mind that there will be nothing to interrupt your occasion. (Click on the images below for an enlarged view.)

   Photo of control board     Photo of control boards
Our control boards

    Photo of Premier setup with custom draping     Photo of Premier setup with custom draping
Our Premier set-up with custom draping

    Photo of Standard setup with special effects lighting
Our Standard set-up
(Uplighting provided by venue - not included)

Have an unforgettable celebration,
and leave the music to us!  

 The New Standard

Complete Appearance Package

 Your special event is indeed very special. A lot of time and energy is put into making this an extraordinary occasion, and yes, appearances are important. Everything is carefully chosen to help create that ambience you desire. The memories created will be recalled through photographs and video for years to come. 

 You want your dinner and dancing venue to look visually appealing. When evaluating a DJ and how the setup looks, please know that Sure Shot DJ Service will provide and use a Complete Appearance Package for your event. Equipment, cases, folding table, cables and cords are all hidden from view using elegant, professional covering. Sure Shot DJ Service is proud to display the CAP Seal of Approval for professional appearance. It’s not just a luxury – it’s the standard you are looking for.


 *The CAP Seal of Approval represents “Complete Appearance Packages” manufactured by DJ Skirts Corp – makers of Glow Skirts, The Skin Line, DJ Skirts, and Frugal Skirts.